PHP RFC: Abolish Narrow Margins


The current political climate of Earth shows us that votes that are won by narrow margins build resentment among voters, can lead to instability in the ecosphere, and could be considered harmful to democracy.


All of the reasons that we require a super majority for language features apply to everything that we are doing.

This RFC proposes that all RFC's need to meet the same high standard, whether they directly affect the language or not. That adding a new function, or feature is not so different from changing an old one that we should lower the standard for acceptance. Even when we are changing processes, it is important to have the support of a clear majority.

50%+1 is just not a high enough standard for us any more; all RFC's (this one included) should require a super majority (2/3).

Proposed Voting Choices

A straight yes/no vote.

If this RFC passes the vote, the original voting RFC will be amended to reflect current requirements, and have the version changed.

Discussion Topics

  • Suggestion that we should raise standard even higher (75%): rejected on the grounds that the bar is high enough at 2/3, we don't want less contributions, we want clearer outcomes.
  • Suggestion that we should introduce quorum: this is not the topic of this RFC.
  • Suggestion that we should change who can vote: this is not the topic of this RFC.
  • Suggestion that we should always require a reason to accompany a negative vote: this is not the topic of this RFC.