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PHP RFC: IntlTimeZone::getWindowsID()


ICU adds new methods from time to time. Specifically, the methods TimeZone::getWindowsID and TimeZone::getIDForWindowsID were added with ICU4C 52.


Add support for these two new methods as static methods on the PHP IntlTimeZone class using the following prototypes:

class IntlTimeZone {
  /* Converts a system timezone such as "America/Los_Angeles" to a
   * Windows Timezone identifier.
   * @param string $systemID - System Timezone Identifier, such as "America/Los_Angeles"
   * @returns string - Windows Timezone Identifier, i.e. "Pacific Standard Time", or FALSE on failure
  public static function getWindowsID(string $systemID): string;
  /* Convers a windows timezone identier such as "Pacific Time Zone" to a
   * System Timezone identifier appropriate to the region requested.
   * .
   * @param string $windowsID - Windows Timezone identifier, such as "Pacific TimeZone"
   * @param string $region - Preferred region for result, or NULL for no preference
   * @returns string - System Timezone identifier, i.e. "America/Los_Angeles", or FALSE on failure
  public static function getIDForWindowsID(string $windowsID, ?string $region = NULL): string;

function intltz_get_windows_id($id) { return IntlTimeZone::getWindowsID($id); }
function intltz_get_id_for_windows_id($winid, $region = NULL) { return IntlTimeZone::getIDForWindowsID($winid, $region); }

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PHP 7.1

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