Arpad Ray

Positivity over time
Created RFCs
Name # of votes # of comments Approval % Version Target Last update Status
Object oriented session handlers 0 0 0% 4 5.4 2011-06-20 Implemented
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
strn(case)cmp supporting a negative length as its third paramter Do you want this feature in PHP 5.4 Yes 68.8% Yes
Supports finally keyword Should the implementation be merged into trunk? Yes 83.3% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation Should ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors in PHP 5.5? No 67.6% No
ext/mysql deprecation If the vote to make ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors is unsuccessful, what course of action do you think we should take? (b) 100% No
array_column Accept array_column() for inclusion in PHP? No 86.4% No
Fix CURL file uploads Accept the CURLFile API as preferred solution for file uploads in CURL? Yes 94.1% Yes
Alternative typehinting syntax for accessors Should the proposed typehinting syntax be used instead of the current one? No 20% Yes
Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution rfc/optimizerplus Integrate into 5.5, even if minor delay required 100% Yes
Allow non-scalar keys in ''foreach'' Remove type-restrictions on foreach keys? Yes 100% Yes
Removal of curl-wrappers Should we remove curl-wrappers Yes, but in only 100% No
Exceptions in the engine Implement in PHP 5.6? No 54.3% No
64 bit platform improvements for string length and integer in zval Accept this RFC for PHP6 (or whatever next major is called) No 54.9% No
Bare Name Array Literal Merge bare name array literal into master/PHP 5.7? No 17.6% Yes
Bare Name Array Dereference Merge array dereference into master/PHP 5.7? No 0% Yes
Scalar Type Declarations Accept Scalar Type Declarations With Optional Strict Mode? Yes 69.2% Yes
Number Format Separator Include a Digit Separator into PHP Yes 52.6% Yes