Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
array_column Accept array_column() for inclusion in PHP? Yes 86.4% Yes
Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution rfc/optimizerplus Integrate into 5.5, even if minor delay required 100% Yes
Syntax for variadic functions Should the proposed variadic-function syntax be added in PHP 5.6 (master)? Yes 97.3% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Reserve type names if RFC does not pass? Yes 80.9% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Accept the Scalar Type Hints RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 66.3% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Type aliases Allow synonyms 77% Yes
Scalar Type Declarations Accept Scalar Type Declarations With Optional Strict Mode? Yes 69.2% Yes
Catching Multiple Exception Types Should milti-catch be added to PHP 7.1 Yes 87% Yes