Justin Martin

Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
ext/mysql deprecation Should ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors in PHP 5.5? Yes 67.6% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation If the vote to make ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors is unsuccessful, what course of action do you think we should take? (a) 100% Yes
Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution rfc/optimizerplus Integrate into 5.5 only if it's not delayed, otherwise - 5.6 100% No
array_column Accept array_column() for inclusion in PHP? Yes 86.4% Yes
PHP CLI changing process title support Accept modifying CLI process title in PHP? Yes 96.6% Yes
Allow non-scalar keys in ''foreach'' Remove type-restrictions on foreach keys? Yes 100% Yes
Removal of curl-wrappers Should we remove curl-wrappers Yes, as of PHP5.5 100% Yes
Exceptions in the engine Implement in PHP 5.6? Yes 54.3% Yes
Name of Next Release of PHP Shall the name of PHP NEXT be PHP 6, or PHP 7? PHP 6 100% No
64 bit platform improvements for string length and integer in zval Accept this RFC for PHP6 (or whatever next major is called) Yes 54.9% Yes
Catchable "call to a member function of a non-object" Catchable Call to a member function bar() on a non-object Yes 100% Yes
Move the phpng branch into master Move phpng to master? Yes 95.9% Yes
Make defining multiple default cases in a switch a syntax error switch.default.multiple Yes 100% Yes
Null Coalesce Operator Approve Null Coalesce Operator RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 91.2% Yes
Remove alternative PHP tags Remove alternative PHP tags in PHP 7? Yes 76.5% Yes
Filtered unserialize() Approve filtered unserialize() proposal? No 73.9% No
Return Type Declarations Typed Returns Yes 94% Yes
Remove PHP 4 Constructors remove_php4_constructors Yes 92.6% Yes
Remove the date.timezone warning Should the warning about a not set date.timezone ini setting be removed in master? Yes 74.4% Yes
Exceptions in the engine (for PHP 7) Allow exceptions in the engine and conversion of existing fatals? Yes 96.8% Yes
Exceptions in the engine (for PHP 7) Introduce and use BaseException? Yes 67.2% Yes
Improve array to string conversion array-to-string Yes 77.3% Yes
Introduce script only include/require Introduce script inclusion protection? No 14.3% Yes
Make empty() a Variadic Make empty() a Variadic Yes 50% No
Anonymous Classes Anonymous Classes Yes 96.2% Yes
Constructor behaviour of internal classes Constructor behaviour of internal classes Yes 97% Yes
Reserve More Types in PHP 7 reserve_more_types_in_php_7 Yes 95.2% Yes
Reclassify E_STRICT notices Reclassify E_STRICT notices as described in this RFC? Yes 87.5% Yes
Continue output buffering despite aborted connection Continue output buffering on aborted connection? Yes 100% Yes
Deprecate (then Remove) Mcrypt Deprecate then Remove Mcrypt from the PHP Core? Yes 80% Yes