Gordon Oheim

Positivity over time
Created RFCs
Name # of votes # of comments Approval % Version Target Last update Status
Automatic Property Initialization 18 0 38.9% 5.6 2013-09-27 Declined
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
Internal operator overloading and GMP improvements Should these changes be applied for PHP 5.6? GMP changes 88.2% Yes
Importing namespaced functions RFC/use_function Yes 80% Yes
Catchable "call to a member function of a non-object" Catchable Call to a member function bar() on a non-object Yes 100% Yes
Support Class Constant Visibility Class Constant Visibility Yes 93.3% Yes
Allow specifying keys in list() Accept the Allow specifying keys in list() RFC for PHP 7.1, and merge the patch into master? No 67.6% No
Iterable Add iterable type to PHP 7.1 Yes 94.6% Yes
Add PHP Engine Identifier Constant Add PHP_ENGINE constant No 47.1% Yes
Add PHP Engine Identifier Constant Add PHP_(*_)ENGINE(_ID) constants No 17.6% Yes
Make Libsodium a Core Extension Libsodium as a Core Extension in PHP 7.2 Yes 100% Yes