Julien Salleyron

Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
array_part Should the current array_part() implementation be merged No 10.5% Yes
Generators Should generators be merged into master? Yes 96% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation If the vote to make ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors is unsuccessful, what course of action do you think we should take? (a) 100% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation Should ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors in PHP 5.5? Yes 67.6% Yes
Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution rfc/optimizerplus Integrate into 5.5, even if minor delay required 100% Yes
Allow non-scalar keys in ''foreach'' Remove type-restrictions on foreach keys? Yes 100% Yes
array_column Accept array_column() for inclusion in PHP? Yes 86.4% Yes
Constant Scalar Expressions Should the patch for this RFC be merged into PHP 5.6? No 88.9% No
Exceptions in the engine Implement in PHP 5.6? No 54.3% No
phpdbg Distribute phpdbg with PHP5.6+ Yes 100% Yes
Slim POST data RFC/slim_post_data Yes 100% Yes