Ole Markus With

Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
array_part Should the current array_part() implementation be merged No 10.5% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation Should ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors in PHP 5.5? Yes 67.6% Yes
ext/mysql deprecation If the vote to make ext/mysql generate E_DEPRECATED errors is unsuccessful, what course of action do you think we should take? (a) 100% Yes
Define PHP 5.3 end of life Which EOL period should we choose? One year with security fixes only, announce with 5.5 final release 100% Yes
Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution rfc/optimizerplus Integrate into 5.5, even if minor delay required 100% Yes
Removal of curl-wrappers Should we remove curl-wrappers Yes, as of PHP5.5 100% Yes
Remove alternative PHP tags Remove alternative PHP tags in PHP 7? Yes 76.5% Yes
Default constructors Should PHP 7 have default constructor semantics as described in this proposal? Yes 57.4% Yes
Removal of dead or not yet PHP7 ported SAPIs and extensions Remove ext/mcrypt from the core Yes 45.5% No
Removal of dead or not yet PHP7 ported SAPIs and extensions Remove ext/imap from the core Yes 42.4% No
Scalar Type Hints Reserve type names if RFC does not pass? Yes 80.9% Yes
Group Use Declarations Should Grouped Use Declarations be added to PHP 7 No 67.2% No
Scalar Type Hints Accept the Scalar Type Hints RFC and merge patch into master? No 66.3% No
Big Integer Support Big Integer Support RFC Yes 58.3% Yes
Remove the date.timezone warning Should the warning about a not set date.timezone ini setting be removed in master? Yes 74.4% Yes
Remove PHP 4 Constructors remove_php4_constructors Yes 92.6% Yes
Add pecl_http to core Add pecl_http to the core? Yes, disabled by default 28.1% No
Improve array to string conversion array-to-string Yes 77.3% Yes
Add pecl_http to core Namespace prefix for pecl_http Php\http 100% No
Introduce script only include/require Introduce script inclusion protection? Yes 14.3% No
Context Sensitive Lexer Should PHP7 have a context sensitive lexer? Yes 75% Yes
Coercive Types for Function Arguments coercive_sth No 38% Yes
Scalar Type Declarations Accept Scalar Type Declarations With Optional Strict Mode? Yes 69.2% Yes
Improved Error Callback Mechanism improved_error_callback Yes 87.5% Yes