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Created RFCs
Name # of votes # of comments Approval % Version Target Last update Status
Trailing Commas In List Syntax 0 6 0% 2015-11-03 Under discussion
Easy User-land CSPRNG 41 0 100% 0.5 2015-02-20 Implemented
Revisit trailing commas in function arguments 0 19 0% 2015-10-07 Declined
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
Random Functions Throwing Exceptions in PHP 7 Should this RFC be accepted for 7.0 Yes 93.3% Yes
Deprecate mb_ereg_replace eval option Deprecate mb_ereg_replace eval option Yes 100% Yes
Deprecate (then Remove) Mcrypt Deprecate then Remove Mcrypt from the PHP Core? Yes 80% Yes
Precise Session Management Precise Session Data Management Yes 93.3% Yes