Thijs Feryn

Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
Return Type Declarations Typed Returns Yes 94% Yes
Combined Comparison (Spaceship) Operator Accept the Combined Comparison (Spaceship) Operator RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 79.6% Yes
Scalar Type Declarations Accept Scalar Type Declarations With Optional Strict Mode? Yes 69.2% Yes
Exceptions in the engine (for PHP 7) Introduce and use BaseException? Yes 67.2% Yes
Expectations Merge changes into master? Yes, with custom exceptions 97.7% Yes
Introduce script only include/require Introduce script inclusion protection? No 14.3% Yes
Allow specifying keys in list() Accept the Allow specifying keys in list() RFC for PHP 7.1, and merge the patch into master? Yes 67.6% Yes
Typed Properties Merge typed properties ? Yes 59.6% Yes