Matthew Weier O'Phinney, from Zend Technologies

Positivity over time
Voted RFCs
RFC Question Voted Approval % Correct?
Error message formatting for development Do you want to revert back to html_errors=on by default Yes 100% Yes
Const array/string dereference do you think it is okey to apply this to TRUNK(not 5.4)? Yes 100% Yes
Allow arbitrary expression arguments to empty() and isset() Which of the language constructs should accept arbitrary arguments? Only empty() 81% Yes
ext/intl::UConverter Should the current UConverter implementation be merged Yes 100% Yes
PHP CLI changing process title support Accept modifying CLI process title in PHP? Yes 96.6% Yes
Syntax for variadic functions Should the proposed variadic-function syntax be added in PHP 5.6 (master)? Yes 97.3% Yes
Exceptions in the engine Implement in PHP 5.6? Yes 54.3% Yes
Automatic Property Initialization Automatic Property Initialization Yes 38.9% No
Name of Next Release of PHP Shall the name of PHP NEXT be PHP 6, or PHP 7? PHP 7 100% Yes
Move the phpng branch into master Move phpng to master? Yes 95.9% Yes
Abstract syntax tree Use AST implementation in PHP 7? Yes 100% Yes
Closure::call Closure::apply() (Approve RFC and merge into master?) Yes 100% Yes
Null Coalesce Operator Approve Null Coalesce Operator RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 91.2% Yes
PHP 7.0 timeline php7timeline Yes 94.4% Yes
Return Type Declarations Typed Returns Yes 94% Yes
Combined Comparison (Spaceship) Operator Accept the Combined Comparison (Spaceship) Operator RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 79.6% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Accept the Scalar Type Hints RFC and merge patch into master? Yes 66.3% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Reserve type names if RFC does not pass? Yes 80.9% Yes
Scalar Type Hints Type aliases Allow synonyms 77% Yes
Add pecl_http to core Add pecl_http to the core? No 28.1% Yes
Coercive Types for Function Arguments coercive_sth Yes 38% No
Scalar Type Declarations Accept Scalar Type Declarations With Optional Strict Mode? Yes 69.2% Yes
Anonymous Classes Anonymous Classes Yes 96.2% Yes
Easy User-land CSPRNG Reliable user-land CSPRNG Yes 100% Yes
Short Closures Short Closures Yes 42.3% No
Allow specifying keys in list() Accept the Allow specifying keys in list() RFC for PHP 7.1, and merge the patch into master? Yes 67.6% Yes